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2009 Siemens Competition National Finals Webcasts

Presentation Introduction by Lead Judge

The Siemens Foundation is proud to present the National Finals of 2009 Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology via webcast.

Video Highlights of the 2009 Siemens Competition National Finals

Finalists' Presentations

The Finalists' presentations will take place on Sunday, December 6. Through the afternoon, video webcasts of the presentations will be published here as each becomes available after editing.

Teams Individuals
Team 1:
Neil Shah
Yekaterina Shpanskaya

Team 2:
Randy Jia
David Lu

Team 3:
Sean Karson
Dan Liu
Kevin Chen

Team 4:
Xiao Zhou
Israt Ahmed
Stephanie Chen

Team 5:
Ryan Lindeborg
Andrew James Swoboda

Team 6:
Benjamin Song
Quan Chen

Lynnelle Ye
Peter Hu
Marissa Suchyta
Tim Kunisky
Lanair Lett
Ruoyi Jiang
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